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Triple honours for School of Medicine student

31 Ionawr 2014

Thomas Lemon, a final year medical student at the School of Medicine

Thomas Lemon, a final year medical student in the School of Medicine has recently been awarded three prestigious accolades in three months.

Thomas has been selected as one of the top four students in the country by Royal College of Psychiatrists and has also won two distinguished awards; the Royal College of Surgeons and British Burns Association (BBA) Award, awarded at Cambridge University and The David Oliveira Medical Student Award, awarded at the Royal Society of Medicine.

Thomas has been involved in wide ranging research from looking at kidney tumours, surgical interventions through to bedside teaching encounters in his time at Cardiff. He has already been published in student and medical journals, as well as winning and being short-listed for nearly 30 national prizes.

After graduating from University, Thomas intends to be pursue a career Academic Medicine, and has been offered an Academic foundation post to start this August.

Thomas said of his achievements: "Regarding the short-listing to RCPsych Student of the year - it was a great honour to be selected by tutors, and short-listed in the Top 4 out of colleagues nationally. This is more a reflection of the great Psychiatry teaching we all benefit from at Cardiff than my personal skills in this area.

"I am also over the moon to have won the two awards, but could not have done it without the ongoing encouragement and support from great mentors such as Dr Frauke Pelz and Professor Julian Sampson of the All Wales Genetics team, and Dr Monrouxe, Dr Chris Elsey and Professor Andrew Grant of the Bedside Teaching Research group. Without them, I would not have had many of the opportunities opened to me that have been. My advice to students with an interest in any kind of research is find an expert in that area, and get involved in a research group with them as soon as possible".

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