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Entrepreneurial student achieves business and environmental success

26 Ebrill 2016

Second year Business Management student’s design and entrepreneurial skill recognised by the Government of Gibraltar

Jared Peralta is celebrating the official launch of his ‘monkey-proof’ recycling bins which have been placed at strategic points around Gibraltar and offer significant environmental benefit.

The bins were designed in 2014 as part of an A-Level Design & Technology project. Jared identified that there was a need for an innovative new approach to tackling the challenges posed by Gibraltar’s famous Barbary Macaques monkeys, and to provide the first recycling facilities in Gibraltar’s Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

Jared recognised the potential of his A-Level project and presented his concept to the Minister for the Environment, Dr John Cortes. Establishing his own company, JP Innovative Improvements, Jared developed the design further, working with the Department of the Environment, the Macaque Management Team and local primatologist Brian Gomila.

The final product now serves an important environmental and conservational purpose, helping to protect the local monkey population and reduce the amount of waste taken to landfill.

Prior to the placement of Jared’s new bins, no recycling facilities had been present in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. It is now estimated that the presence of the bins will help save 18tonnes of recyclable material from going to landfill each year.

The Barbary Macaques had previously been able to access rubbish and waste from unsuitable existing bins. As a result of eating foods designed for humans, which tend to be high in sugars, many of the Macaques were developing illnesses such as diabetes. Jared’s product will help to prevent the Macaques from consuming the rubbish and reducing the harmful impact on the Macaques’ health.

The bins also serve an important communication function. Each bin includes an interchangeable display panel which can be used for several purposes including sharing marketing and tourist information, or detail on Government recycling initiatives.

Following the placement of the new bins, Jared said: “It is great to see the final product in place. This has been an incredibly valuable experience for me and I’m proud that my design, which serves such an important environmental purpose, has been adopted by the Government of Gibraltar. I’m also pleased that we have kept production local and contributed to the local economy.

“My product is highly adaptive and can be changed to suit any environment. I’m keen to expand my business in to the UK market and feel that local parks, tourist attractions, wildlife centres and so forth would be better served by my product than existing facilities. I’ll continue to combine my business acumen and design skill to provide innovative solutions that benefit people, places and the environment.”

For further information on the bins and their uses please contact Jared.

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