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New Routledge International Handbook Features Chapter from Cardiff Academic

27 Awst 2021

Sara MacBride-Stewart

Dr Sara Macbride-Stewart has contributed to the new International Handbook of Critical Issues in Health and Illness, available in both hardback and eBook formats.

A chapter written by Dr Sara Macbride-Stewart, Reader at the Sustainable Places Research Institute, has been included in new Routledge International Handbook of Critical Issues in Health and Illness. The multidisciplinary textbook draws on the expertise of multidisciplinary academics from across the globe, providing insight into cutting-edge health and illness topics and exploring ‘inequitable patterns of illness and ill health.’  

In the chapter titled ‘Towards a critical social science of climate change and health,’ Sara uses critical health studies as a lens for outlining major developments in the field of climate change. This section explores how the critical potential of the key areas of ecohealth, one health, and planetary health can help us understand the complex interdependencies between the concepts of the environment and society. The chapter sets out context first, by explaining how the concepts of health, inequality, sustainable development, and resilience are mobilised in the climate change debate. With a timely conclusion prompting consideration of how climate change is transforming our understanding of human health, Sara’s work applies studies of health to critique our relationship to the natural world.

For more information and to order a copy, visit the book’s page on the Routledge website here.

Sara’s contribution to the Critical Issues in Health and Illness Handbook is just one of the scientific publications she has worked on during the summer of 2021, including two other chapters which draw on her multidisciplinary expertise - see below: