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Movement analysis software: MoJoXlab

16 Mehefin 2020


Drs Kate Button and Mohammad Al-Amri and clinical physiotherapist Kevin Nicholas are part of a collaborative team that have developed a non-proprietary movement analysis software called MoJoXlab. This will allow researchers and clinicians to perform highly detailed movement analysis without having to purchase expensive proprietary software.

The team tested this software in a variety of clinically relevant functional tasks such as walking, squatting and jumping and show that it is just as accurate as an expensive optical motion capture system found in clinical and research gait laboratories.

Read the full report here.

Increasing adoption of such software in clinical practice has the potential to enable better decision making around exercise prescription, more detailed monitoring of patient progress over time, and more personally tailored advice and feedback throughout the rehabilitation process.

Dr Al-Amri, Dr Button and Mr Nicholas are working to study how this information can influence the clinical decision-making process of physiotherapists treating patients with knee conditions such as osteoarthritis and anterior cruciate ligament injury.

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