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Annual PARC Award for Strategic & Innovative Thinking

18 Tachwedd 2019

Llun o weithdy 3DP
Nicole Ayiomamitou yn ymchwilio cynnyrch yn y gweithdy 3DP

“Sustainability” can refer to many things; from protecting rain forests, reducing taxes to promote the use of less polluting vehicles, ensuring a living wage and safe working environment for employees, and making ethical purchases as consumers. In other words, all stakeholders in society have a role to play to improve sustainability.

The Challenge:

What needs to be done? What are the priorities to be addressed? We would like your help to answer these questions and advise our business on what we can do to make the world more sustainable.

The Question:

Recognizing that different stakeholders can play different roles in promoting sustainability, what are “THE” priorities that businesses should be doing to drive sustainability? In particular, what can supply chain companies like DSV, DHL and K&N do to create greener supply chains? What can shippers (the companies that manufacture and sell products to business and consumers) do to manufacture and sell greener products and services? And finally, what can we all do as consumers to encourage business to make the world more sustainable?

Your prize:

The author of the best paper will be awarded with the annual PARC for Strategic and Innovative thinking, receive £500 in Amazon vouchers and the opportunity to do a mock interview and get feedback from one of our industry team. The winning paper will also be published on the PARC website.

Your Answer:

Students should draw on the academic research and their business knowledge to provide their recommendations and ideas.

Additional Details:

The winner will be announced on 24th March, 2020. Please provide your name, email address and course you are studying in your response. This is open for MSc LOM, MSc SSCM and MSc MPSM students only. If you have any questions, please contact Antonis.Siakallis@panalpina.com You should submit your completed paper to the same email address by Friday 7 February 2020 at 12:00pm. Your paper should be between 1,000 -1,500 words in length.

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