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Pop-up Art Exhibition at Cardiff University’s Cochrane building

11 Rhagfyr 2017

Painting of Pendeen Cliffs by Ria Poole

4-6pm, Cochrane Foyer, Tuesday 12th December, 2017

Not a location you’d usually associate with art, Cardiff University’s flagship medical education centre is playing host to a pop-up art exhibition, showcasing the celebrated paintings of one of its researchers – Dr Ria Poole.

In addition to being a member of Cardiff University’s School of Medicine, and a Cancer Research UK Population Research Fellow, Ria is a member of St Ives Society of Artists and was recently shortlisted as one of Artists & Illustrators Magazine ‘Artists of the Year 2018’.

Ria said: “This pop-up exhibition is a chance for me to share my artwork with colleagues and the local community and also to talk about how my creativity shapes my approach to research.

“I’m also looking forward to meeting others who lead creative lives away from their desks.”

Painting of a boat cove by Ria Poole

Ria is an expressive landscape and abstract painter.  She works mostly in West Cornwall painting en plein air, inspired by its peaceful turquoise shores, rugged coastline and vibrant artistic community.  Her paintings embrace a range of techniques and media.  Celebrating colour, texture and painterliness, Ria's work is full of life and energy.

Find out more at www.riapoole.com

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