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engineers and scientists

New centres to train tomorrow's engineers and scientists

22 Tachwedd 2013

Cardiff benefits as Willetts announces £350M for postgraduate study

Enzyme catalysis

Enzyme catalysis unravelled in new research

4 Hydref 2013

Research clears the way for designer enzymes with potential to develop anti-infective and anti-cancer drugs.

Experts honoured by the Royal Society

Cardiff experts honoured by the Royal Society

22 Gorffennaf 2013

The Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science, has announced recipients of its awards, medals and prize lectures, including two leading researchers from Cardiff University.

Dr Peter Johnston and Professor Graham Hutchings

Beth ddeffrodd fy chwilfrydedd? Yr Athro Graham Hutchings

19 Rhagfyr 2016

Yr Athro Graham Hutchings yn siarad â Dr Peter Johnston o Johnson Matthey am ei fywyd ym maes gwyddoniaeth.