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Specialist degrees

Computer science research has a significant and direct social impact making postgraduate study in this discipline an inspiring choice.

Abacws Specialist degrees

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, our specialist degrees can set you apart from other candidates and equip you with the expert knowledge and technical skills that employers are looking for.

Many of our postgraduate programmes offer a 7-12-month professional placement year to help you gain a competitive edge in your degree. Not only will this hands-on experience build your confidence, it will help you to grow your professional networks, and give you the chance to apply your new skills in the real world.

You can use a postgraduate degree as a route to a PhD or the workforce, where you might meet our alumni working in software development, cybersecurity and programming across a range of industries.

Advanced Computer Science (MSc)

Our flagship programme is for computing graduates looking to differentiate themselves further through advanced mastery of the field.

Our wide range of optional research-led modules provide the freedom to create your own unique portfolio of skills and specialise in areas such as complex systems, visual computing, and data and knowledge engineering. Further develop your problem-solving skills by studying advanced programming languages and paradigms.

Take on an individual dissertation with the support of our academic experts, and graduate with a major research project to feature in your CV.

Degree name
MSc Advanced Computer Science
MSc Advanced Computer Science with a Professional Placement Year

Software Engineering

Designed for graduates from diverse backgrounds who have some prior experience of programming to gain the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience to be effective as a commercial software engineer. You will undertake practical development using current leading edge commercial tools and techniques and be exposed to direct industrial involvement in a dynamic commercial-like environment. This one-year programme is based at the National Software Academy.

Degree name
MSc Software Engineering
MSc Software Engineering with a Professional Placement Year

Cyber Security (MSc)

In an increasingly networked world, cyber risk is firmly at the top of global business agendas. The worldwide shortage of skilled cybersecurity practitioners places graduates who understand the technologies and practices that underpin secure systems in high demand.

Developed with input from a range of organisations, our cybersecurity course provides a mix of business context with core security, trust and privacy issues that challenge the IT sector.

Access our Cyber Security and Forensics Laboratory, where you can explore the key security threats facing today’s professionals through experiments with real attacks in real-world scenarios.

Degree name
MSc Cyber Security
MSc Cyber Security and Technology

Artificial Intelligence (MSc)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in computer science and the wider society. It’s increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives, with uses in a variety of industries and state-of-the-art research fields such as fraud detection, forensic analysis and medical decision support.

Co-designed by leading researchers in the field, our brand new programme explores the ethical and social impacts of AI technologies and key topics that are driving technological developments and trends, including machine learning, automated reasoning and knowledge representation.

Study in a unique setting, informed by the most up-to-date research in the field, using real-world datasets and problems to harness critical judgement, intellectual integrity and highly-sought after practical skills.

Degree name
MSc Artificial Intelligence
MSc Artificial Intelligence with a Professional Placement Year

Natural Language Processing (MSc)

Designed by world-leading and world-renowned experts in the field, this MSc delivers a unique skillset valued in a range of industrial sectors and/or ideal for a research career in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A specialist branch of AI, Natural Language Processing deals with the text data that is crucial to our communications in the 21st century. The programme - covering four core modules and giving you access to eight optional additions before a final dissertation stage - is delivered in a unique setting using real-world datasets and problems, where students benefit from industry input. It will give you both technical capabilities as well as a critical understanding of the ethical and social impacts of dealing with text data.

Degree name
MSc Natural Language Processing