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Discovering Muslims in Britain for KS3

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This is a set of comprehensive resources for teachers presenting Islam.

Although the resources are aimed at KS3 RE, they would also be useful for teaching about Muslims and Islam to other ages and within different subject areas. The resources were developed by experts in the field and reflect the social science-based research carried out by the Islam UK Centre at Cardiff University.

The resources consist of nine lessons and an assessment, centred around the main research question:

  • what does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?’
  • how can we understand religion in society?
  • what does Islam mean to Muslims?
  • how do Muslims follow religious sources of wisdom and authority today?
  • how do Muslims practice their faith?
  • what is the history of Muslims in Britain?
  • where are Muslim communities located?
  • what is a mosque?
  • how do Muslims express their faith through the arts?
  • to what extent do Muslims in Britain experience Islamophobia?

Each of the lessons includes: Teacher PowerPoint presentation Pupil worksheet Lesson plan Other associated resources Each lesson is designed with upper-Key Stage 3 in mind, and lasts approximately one hour. For the best experience, please print the resources in colour. The teaching resources were approached as both working lessons and also stimuli for teaching ideas. We have ensured that these resources are fully downloadable, editable, and designed in a modular way to make them as flexible and easy to use as possible. As such, there is no set way to use these resources. They can be used as an entire scheme of work, individually, or elements can be taken out and used in pre-existing lessons. We encourage you to adapt and experiment with these resources to fit the needs of your school and classes.

Disclaimer: These teaching resources are freely available to download, edit and share, to make them as accessible as possible for teachers to use. At the Islam-UK Centre, we have a commitment to ensuring that we do our best to support RE in schools, and this commitment is reflected here. However, we rely on securing external funding to develop these resources and keep them free. If you use these resources and would like more projects like this to happen in the future, all we ask is that you provide us with feedback that we can use to demonstrate the value and impact of this work. This will help us, and others, to convince potential funders and institutions of the value of projects like this, that encourage teachers and academics to work together. As such, we really encourage you to let us know how and why you are using the teaching resources, as well as what impact they have had on your teaching/on the learning of your pupils.

Additionally, please encourage others to access the resources via this site, and to pass on feedback. Accessing the resources through this website allows us to gain a picture of how widely the resources are being used, which helps us demonstrate their value.

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For more information about the activity, please visit our website.

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This activity is organised by Islam UK centre, school of History Archaeology and Religion. Contact Mark Bryant at or 07738932376 for more details.

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To download the teaching resources simply complete this survey and follow the link that is sent to you.

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