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Parent Power

The Parent Power project is empowering parents to support their children’s future.

We work in partnership with award-winning charity The Brilliant Club to deliver the Parent Power project.

The project supports parents to develop skills in community organising, and provides advice and guidance on accessing higher education. Parents are empowered to make change to support their children’s future and ensure their children have a fair chance in education and their future careers.

The model gathers interest from parents, follows up with one-to-one meetings with interested parents, and then facilitates six weekly group meetings. Meetings are facilitated by local PhD researchers trained in community organising. The parents themselves decide what activities will benefit their communities, such as tailored visits to universities for young people, visits from university alumni, or training on tutoring, student finance and university access.

Existing Parent Powers in South London and Oldham have already organised bespoke open days to universities; received training on student finance and university access, and won bursary places at private summer schools.

Contact us

Please email the Widening Participation team to find out more about Parent Power:

Widening participation and outreach team