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Fundraising tips

Our fundraising tips are designed to help you maximise your fundraising and make hitting your target as easy as possible. There is also practical information on how to ensure your fundraising is safe and legal.

Remind your donors to add Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a government scheme which means donations made by UK taxpayers are worth an extra 25% at no extra cost to them. That means that every £1 donated to your fundraising is worth £1.25p! Remember to encourage your donors to use Gift Aid where eligible. If you’re asking for donations in return for goods or services, like a raffle or bake sale, this won’t be eligible for Gift Aid.

Maximise your fundraising with Matched Funding

Many organisations offer a Matched Funding scheme. This means they’ll offer a donation and help increase your total. It’s a quick and easy way to reach your target, and lets employers show they’re supporting their staff and a great cause, and contributes towards their corporate responsibility goals. It’s a simple ask and we have a matched funding template letter available on request.

Tell your story

Don’t forget to tell people why you’re fundraising and what the cause means to you. If you’ve first-hand experience or are fundraising in memory or support of a loved one, let people know. This way your supporters will understand why it’s so close to your heart and are more likely to give.

Spread the word

Social media is a great way to tell people about your fundraising, but don’t forget about your company or School newsletter, or good old-fashioned email. If your fundraising activity is big enough, you could even speak to your local newspaper or radio station. If you’re a Cardiff University student, why not submit an article to Gair Rhydd or see if there’s a chance to talk on Xpress Radio.

Support from a local business

Local businesses are often happy to support fundraisers by offering sponsorship, raffle prizes, their venue space, or other services for free. Think about companies who might be able to help and what you can offer them in return. If you would like a letter of authority to provide businesses, please do get in touch.

Pay in your fundraising money

If you’re using JustGiving, your fundraising money will transfer automatically. You can also choose to pay in your fundraising online, but remember to tell us that you’ve fundraised, and what you’ve done in the ‘comments’ box. You can also pay in money by phone or post.


We know you’re raring to go, but before you get started, make sure that whatever you choose to do is in line with health and safety guidelines and any local COVID-19 restrictions. If you decide to do anything with food, think about food hygiene and allergies. For raffles, lotteries and other gambling-related activities, check the Gambling Commission rules.

Get in touch

If you’ve got any further questions or want to chat through your #TeamCardiff fundraising plans, get in touch and we can help with all the advice and support you need.

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Community Fundraising Officer

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