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NHS Liaison Unit

The NHS Liaison Unit facilitates good working relationships between the University and NHS bodies in Wales to support the delivery of high quality medical education.

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The work of the NHS Liaison Unit (NHSLU) falls into 3 main areas:

Relationships with NHS bodies

The Unit services a number of formal “Partnership” Boards between the University and a number of Health Boards and NHS Trusts in Wales, including Cardiff & Vale UHB, Aneurin Bevan UHB, Cwm Taf UHB, Velindre NHS and Public Health Wales. The Unit also manages the process for the appointment of University staff to serve as Independent Members on the Boards of a number of University Health Boards and NHS Trusts in Wales.

Honorary titles

Honorary University titles are awarded to NHS staff for their engagement to teach undergraduate medical students. Please download an application below if applicable:

Honorary title application form for NHS staff

Honorary title application form for NHS staff.

Honorary title application form for Cardiff & Vale UHB staff

Honorary title application form for Cardiff and Vale UHB staff.

All Wales SIFT Coordinating Unit (AWSCU)

This Unit, which is funded by Welsh Government, manages a number of aspects of the clinical placements undertaken by medical students – at both Cardiff and Swansea Universities – at hospitals and GP practices throughout Wales. The work of this Unit includes:

  • funding staff in the Schools of Medicine in both Universities who are involved in the allocation of students to clinical placements throughout Wales
  • collecting medical student feedback on their clinical placement experience, through online questionnaires, and sharing this feedback with the universities, NHS bodies in Wales, and Welsh Government
  • arranging Annual Teaching Review meetings between the universities and health boards and NHS Trusts in Wales to review the clinical placement experience of medical students and to discuss any other relevant issues
  • managing, for the School of Medicine in Cardiff University, the award of Honorary University Titles to NHS staff in Wales engaged in clinical placement education
  • producing a range of documents and collating a number of returns from NHS Bodies related to clinical placements and their (SIFT) funding.

University Endowment Funds

The NHSLU also administers a number of health-related University Endowment Funds, providing funding for a number of specific activities, that can be accessed by College staff and students.

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NHS Liaison Unit