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The visitors from DSV

CEO of DSV Solutions visits Cardiff University to build upon strategic partnership

1 May 2024

The new CEO of DSV Solutions, Albert-Derk Bruin visited Cardiff University to strengthen ties and explore collaborative opportunities.

Cardiff Business School academic recognised for outstanding international paper

1 May 2024

Dr Jonathan Preminger has received a prestigious award from the Labour and Employment Relations Association (LERA).

Man standing near fire

School of Social Sciences research team part of meeting international net zero emissions target

29 April 2024

Cardiff University researchers lead on European Union funded ALCHIMIA project.

Double research grant success

29 April 2024

Advancing understanding of Chinese history

Placement awards honour student excellence

25 April 2024

Cardiff Business School recently hosted the Undergraduate Placement Awards, spotlighting the remarkable achievements of our students during their placements.

Map of UK with network lines

Academics receive best paper award for research on regional policy levers and the UK’s productivity challenge

24 April 2024

Academics from the Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP), part of Cardiff Business School, received the Regional Studies Policy Debates Best Paper Award 2024.

Mother and daughter sitting back to back

Study highlights inequalities between women and men in their chances of having their children taken into care

23 April 2024

Study highlights inequalities between women and men in their chances of having their children taken into care

Dr Dnyaneshwar Mogale, Professor Konstantinos Katsikopoulos and Professor Aris Syntetos.smiling at camera.

Exploring the interaction between human behaviour and operations research

23 April 2024

Professor Konstantinos Katsikopoulos, an internationally leading researcher in the field of behavioural science, recently delivered a seminar at Cardiff Business School.

Hand turning thermostat

More support needed to help households transition to green energy, research concludes

23 April 2024

Feelings of stress and precarity make it difficult for people to think about transition in practice

woman's hand using a mobile phone

Early chances to identify terrorists are being missed due to inadequacies in UK data sharing laws, research concludes

23 April 2024

Organisations not legally obliged to share information on fraudulent activities under current framework