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CEO of DSV Solutions visits Cardiff University to build upon strategic partnership

1 May 2024

The visitors from DSV

The new CEO of DSV Solutions, Albert-Derk Bruin, accompanied by key colleagues, recently visited Cardiff University to strengthen ties and explore collaborative opportunities.

DSV, a Danish headquartered global supplier of transport and logistics, signed a strategic partnership with Cardiff University in 2023 to facilitate closer cooperation around innovation, research, staff development, student futures, and international business development.

The partnership builds on well-established relationships forged by Cardiff Business School, and is another step on the journey the two organisations have enjoyed together over the last ten years.

It not only cements a long-term friendship but offers new ground to explore five key areas:

  • Future Global Supply Chains
  • Sustainability, Circular and Green Economy
  • Data and AI
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Logistics
  • Talent, Training and Skills Development

Co-located since 2016 at Cardiff Business School, Professor Aris Syntetos from Cardiff University and Mike Wilson, Executive Vice President Latin America, Logistics Manufacturing Services, and Inventory Management Solutions, DSV, co-founded the PARC Institute of Manufacturing, Logistics, and Inventory. DSV also works closely with colleagues in the University’s new Innovation Campus via the RemakerSpace Centre, located within sbarc I spark, aimed at transforming the Welsh and global circular economy.

During the visit, together with the RemakerSpace Centre, DSV executives toured a range of Cardiff facilities including the PARC Institute of Manufacturing, Logistics and Inventory, the Cyber Innovation Hub and the Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Human-Machine Systems.

They also met with academic experts who shared and presented their research across block chain technology, human factors and AI interface, winning and retaining customers, operational excellence, simulation tools, operational analytics and data science, and inventory-forecasting optimisation.

Professor Aris Syntetos, Chair of PARC and Director of RemakerSpace at Cardiff University said:

"We were delighted to welcome the new DSV Solutions CEO, Albert-Derk Bruin and his team. We had the opportunity to explore some of the excellent Cardiff University research that underpins the strategic partnership - including research from Cardiff Business School, and from other subject areas such as mathematics, psychology, engineering, and computer science - and to reflect on how we can expand the already successful PARC Institute to make further progress in tackling economic, environmental and societal challenges."
Professor Aris Syntetos Distinguished Research Professor, DSV Chair

Albert-Derk Bruin, CEO DSV Solutions, said: “It’s great to see that the partnership between Cardiff University and DSV has developed over time. Combining the strengths of our business with the University’s academic knowledge creates a strong foundation to develop the partnership further and to solve logistics challenges in the future.”

As the global logistics sector faces rapid change, and the need for constant innovation as well as transitioning to greener, more environmentally friendly practices, Cardiff University is proud to be able to support DSV in finding solutions, expertise and talent to address both its business challenges and opportunities and to support its global growth ambitions.

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