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7 May 2024

Paul and Tom
Paul and Tom

New community partnerships set to flourish at Caer Heritage Centre

Partnerships that build learning opportunities for the community of Caerau and Ely are to be kickstarted in latest developments at the CAER Heritage Centre.

Taking the Pathway to Archaeology in Lifelong Learning in 2015, Tom Hicks (BA 2018, MA 2023) progressed to an undergraduate degree at the university before completing his Master’s degree in Archaeology. Now Tom returns in his new role creating community partnerships at the award-winning centre.

The CAER Heritage Project was established in 2011 to focus upon the research of one of the most impressive, but under-appreciated heritage sites in Wales, Caerau Hillfort. In 2021 a new community centre and visitor attraction was built near the site.

Tom Hicks with Love our Hillfort volunteers
Tom Hicks with Love our Hillfort volunteers

Tom, from Rumney, will now drive forward existing and new partnerships between the centre, the local community, a range of community partners and the University. In particular, his work will support the establishment of the centre as a learning hub in the communities of Caerau and Ely.

Participating in the project’s excavations since 2015, Tom has excavated at the Caerau hillfort and surrounding sites, including the discovery of Cardiff’s oldest house last year.

Tom spoke of his excitement at starting his new role:

“The CAER Heritage project has had a profound influence on me since my initial experience of it as a volunteer in 2015. It was a major catalyst in beginning my education at Cardiff University, I’ve been a member of the team during the excavations ever since and I cannot wait to build upon this involvement, contributing to the projects continued success and nurturing and developing collaborations between CAER Heritage, the communities of Caerau and Ely and Cardiff University.”

Tom Hicks
Tom Hicks

Dr Paul Webster who leads the Pathway to History, Archaeology or Religion (Exploring the Past) commented:

“I would like to congratulate Tom on his new job. He will bring a huge amount of knowledge, experience and empathy to the role. He has first-hand experience of being an adult learner and of being involved in community projects. We look forward to hearing about the exciting projects he’ll be involved in with the CAER Heritage team!”

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