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Dentist examining patient

Improving dental care

15 May 2018

Dental checklist of bad practice has patient care at its heart

Tackling gender inequality

10 May 2018

School of Medicine receives Athena SWAN award

Putting on lotion

Bath additives ineffective for eczema

4 May 2018

One of the most widely used treatments for childhood eczema is not beneficial

New research grant for establishing the safety of waterbirths

20 April 2018

Professor Julia Sanders has been awarded £900,000 to lead a study exploring the safety of waterbirth for mothers and babies.

Primus study

£1.5 million study aims to empower GPs to make faster and more accurate diagnoses for men with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

26 March 2018

The PriMUS study aims to develop a clinical decision support tool based on symptoms, signs, patient characteristics and tests that can be done in primary care.

Scientist in lab

£5.5m cash boost from Cancer Research UK

23 February 2018

£5.5m over next five years for ground-breaking work at the Centre for Trials Research.

Centre for Trials Research Executive

£5.5m successful funding award for Centre for Trials Research

21 February 2018

£5.5m successful funding award for Centre for Trials Research.

Louise Padgett, Health Check Advisor

Traffic light cancer health checks launched in Yorkshire communities

18 January 2018

A new health check project designed to improve cancer symptom awareness and help-seeking in Yorkshire’s deprived communities has been launched.

People in a meeting

Cardiff University research seeks to help address gaps in methodology across clinical trials worldwide

20 December 2017

Cardiff University researcher investigates whether who conducts a site visit in a research study makes a difference.

Social Care

Cardiff University researchers to drive improvements in social care sector

16 November 2017

University named as research partner in new £4.85m Department for Education initiative