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Restrain app

Restrain is an app designed by our scientists that may help people lose weight and eat more healthily. The trial terminated in March 2023 and findings will be disseminated in due course.

Restrain logo

The Restrain app is part of a wider research project to test whether different types of ‘brain training’ exercises can help people to lose weight.

The training tasks have already been tested in small groups of people, but now we want to find out whether they work on a large scale with people who are overweight or obese.

If the tasks do work, we want to discover what sort of training works best and who is likely to benefit the most. The project is the largest of its kind and we want you to be a part of it.

What it involves

The app involves completing different tasks each day.

You also need to weigh in once a week so we can track your progress.

You can participate as much or as little as you like – but the more you do, the better.

App screenshot of the virtual supermarket
In the virtual supermarket, you can select all of the foods that you want to be used in your training—that way the training is personalised to you.
Restrain app screen showing a score of 150 versus 200
In our training game, you'll earn points for approaching some foods and avoiding others.

Funding and collaborators

This project has been funded by the European Research Council and is a collaborative project between Cardiff University, University of Exeter and Bath Spa University researchers and our app developers, Connect Internet Solutions.

A list of logos of funders for the research project

Privacy notice

By registering your interest in the Restrain project, you consent to be contacted by researchers directly involved in the project.

All personal information when registering your interest will be deleted once the app has been launched. Please note that separate consent and data policies are in place for the app itself.

We will not use your information for any other purpose and will not share this information with anyone outside of the Restrain project.

If, at any time, you no longer wish to be contacted about the Restrain project, please email us.

Under data protection law, we have to specify the legal basis that we are relying on to process your personal data.

In providing your personal data for this research, we will process it on the basis that doing so is necessary for our public task for scientific and historical research purposes in accordance with the necessary safeguards, and is in the public interest.

The University is a public research institution established by royal charter to advance knowledge and education through its teaching and research activities. Read our charter.

The University is a data controller and is committed to respecting and protecting your personal data in accordance with your expectations and data protection legislation. Read our data protection policy.

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