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ASTUTE 2020+ case studies

The ASTUTE 2020+ team work with manufacturing firms across Wales. We provide a combination of short enterprise assistance activities alongside more substantial support through collaborative research and development projects.

Recent projects

Explore a selection of recent case studies illustrating the range of collaborative projects which our team has been involved in. These projects demonstrate the benefits enterprises have gained from working with us.

Team Precision logo

Team Precision

Team Precision were seeking collaborative support from ASTUTE 2020 in gaining a better understanding of their current manufacturing capabilities and capacity and ways to identify possible improvements.

Afressol Logo


The aim of the project was to capture data and information on the production floor to create a documented background for TPR manufacturing.

Tidal Anchor logo

Tidal Anchors Ltd

Tidal Anchors have developed a new novel anchor from an original idea designed for the safe, secure anchoring of marine craft in tidal waters.

Ultrawave logo with white background


ASTUTE East assisted Ultrawave to investigate and compare the new attachment methodology by using 3D Laser Vibrometry.


The ASTUTE 2020+ operation, supporting manufacturing companies across Wales, has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government and the participating higher education institutions.