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CAMSAC takes an holistic, multidisciplinary view of manufacturing systems that takes into account the whole manufacturing value chain, encompassing the complete product and process lifecycle.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Intelligent and knowledge based systems
  • Logistics
  • Micro and nano-manufacturing
  • Operations management
  • Smart systems
  • Supply chains and networks
  • Sustainable manufacturing

This expertise is applied across a wide range of manufacturing sub sectors including aerospace, automotive, food, healthcare and other key high value manufacturing industries. 

We also consider many innovative construction technologies and processes, particularly those involving the use of off-site, factory based manufacturing, to be within our remit. 

Furthermore our  interests extend both to cross-sectoral learning and to research areas that span the extended supply chains and service sectors that these underpin, for example retail and issues surrounding servitization within manufacturing industries.