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Public value teaching

Public value teaching at Cardiff Business School seeks to impart to students a moral sentiment and sympathetic imagination towards the social and economic challenges of our time.

We do this through an innovative, interdisciplinary and challenge-led curriculum.

"Cardiff Business School has a public value policy that sees us students taught to create not only economic value, but social value as well. It’s what makes the School so extraordinary."

Erin Mina Barber, MBA student

Case studies

The following case studies reflect how our public value principles are reinforced by our teaching activities.

Grangetown Business Forum

Community Gateway: Cardiff Business School partners with Grangetown

Cardiff Business School has developed a long-term partnership with Grangetown residents and businesses as part of Community Gateway, Cardiff University’s flagship engagement project.

Bringing operations management to life

Delivering executive education in the heart of business.

Circular economy

Students learn about the circular economy as part of the Marketing (MSc) programme.

Encouraging ethical leadership case study

Read about the public value teaching innovations on our MBA programme.

Marketing and Society case study

This module was developed, as part of wider curricula changes, to further embed our public value mission and principles.

Public Value Leadership Academy

The Public Value Teaching Academy is part of an undergraduate module which teaches value-led leadership and tackles issues facing the local community.

Supply chain social sustainability

Students learn about social issues in global supply chains in this postgraduate module.

The Cardiff Challenge

The Cardiff Challenge is a public value competition, creating innovative solutions to prominent social issues.