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The Power of Public Value Podcast

The Power of Public Value

The Power of Public Value, a podcast brought to you by Cardiff Business School, uncovers how to change our society and economy for the benefit of current and future generations.

We explore how to go beyond profit, to bring humanity, sustainability, generosity, and innovation to the business sector.

In each episode, a guest shares their powerful public value story with host, Professor Peter Wells, Pro Dean of Public Value at Cardiff Business School.

Hear how they interpret, define, and represent the school’s public value principles, guided by their own personal motivations, values, and research interests.

"The episodes show how we really place importance on the ethos of public value as a business school. It has been fascinating to have deep and meaningful conversations with our faculty and professional services colleagues about their inspiring research, teaching and engagement initiatives. We have addressed the importance of challenging the status quo in business to leave a positive impact on the world."
Professor Peter Wells Professor of Business and Sustainability, Director of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research, Pro Dean Public Value

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In the inaugural episode of our series, host Peter is in conversation with Dr Deborah Hann. Their discussion revolves around creating public value through research and teaching, leading to positive real-world change.

Deborah, a Reader in Employment Relations, sheds light on how her work has driven genuine societal impact. They focus on her research into the Living Wage and active engagement with Cardiff’s local communities.

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In this episode, Peter and Dr Hakan Karaosman explore the intriguing concept of an activist academic and discuss how academia can serve as a catalyst for social and environmental change.

Hakan, a Lecturer in Supply Chain Management, shares his research into climate action and social justice in fashion supply chains. They also unpack the core values and motivations behind Hakan’s people-centred research and talk about how to measure success.

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In episode 3, Professor Jane Lynch and Peter discuss embedding sustainability into procurement practices for the benefit of current and future generations.

They explore Jane’s role as the Director of the Centre of Public Value Procurement at Cardiff Business School. The conversation also touches upon the importance of collaboration and why we should challenge where we buy things from.

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Join us for this thought-provoking episode where Peter delves into conversation with Dr Olaya Moldes Andres, discussing her research on materialistic values and over-consumption.

As a Lecturer in Marketing and Strategy, Olaya tells us about her background in psychology and sheds light on the synergies between business and psychology. Also explored are topics such as consumerism, using wellbeing as a way to sell products, and how to measure happiness.

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In episode 5, Peter is in conversation with Julia Leath, the Deputy Facilities Manager at Cardiff Business School, exploring how she weaves public value into her role.

Contributing positively to the surrounding community (including the local wildlife!), their discussion revolves around initiatives such as the Hedgehog Friendly Campus project, repurposing furniture, and fostering community engagement.

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In the final episode of the series, Peter is in conversation with Professor of Economics, Calvin Jones, where they unpack how Calvin helped to shape the public value narrative of Cardiff Business School.

As their conversation progresses, Calvin hypothesises the future trajectory of public value. He shares his personal view on what business schools could do next to further advance, and demonstrate, their commitment to public value and its evolution. This includes suggestions for disrupting existing HE models, revisiting international recruitment approaches, and other ways in which, from his perspective, academia could meet the challenge of creating a more sustainable world.

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Professor Peter Wells

Professor of Business and Sustainability, Director of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research, Pro Dean Public Value

+44 29208 75717