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Option to specialise

We offer the option for further specialisation with degrees in Genetics, Anatomy and Physiology.

Alongside our five main degree subjects (Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Neuroscience and Zoology), we also offer three additional 'exit' degrees that allow you to specialise in a particular area.

Biological Sciences (Genetics) BSc

It's in your DNA! Genetics is an exciting area of study that has applications across the breadth of the biosciences, from biodiversity, conservation and crop improvement, via protein function in molecular cell biology, to diagnostics and treatment of disease.

Female student looking through microscope

With modules including molecular genetics, bioinformatics and genomics, this degree will provide you with an in-depth understanding of core Genetics principles, as well as offering the opportunity to experience DNA engineering techniques. These core topics can be combined with other subject areas, such as conservation, evolution, stem cells, biomedical genetics, microbiology, and plant science, enabling you to build a degree that is tailored to your specific interests and career aspirations.

Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) BSc

Our Anatomy degree blends traditional approaches with modern digital techniques to provide you with a stimulating, interactive, and up-to-date degree programme.

Anatomy class

As an Anatomy student at Cardiff, you will study practical and advanced human anatomy alongside developmental/cell biology, musculoskeletal science, stem cell biology and tissue engineering. You will also have opportunity to select additional bioscience modules, enabling you to tailor your degree to fit your interests and career aspirations.

Gain hands-on surgical skills

Cardiff University is home to the Wales Centre for Anatomical Education, and we are the only University in Wales (and one of just a small number in the UK) to allow students to undertake full body dissection. This dissection takes place under the direction of skilled anatomical and educational experts, and offers you the rare opportunity to gain hands-on surgical skills.

I have always had an interest in the human body, so I did lots of research and found that Cardiff University provides excellent resources, support and teaching to their anatomy students.We are taught anatomy in an integrated fashion, allowing us to understand the in-depth anatomy and functioning of the human body.It has been an absolute privilege to study anatomy at Cardiff University.

Ashleigh Wood Anatomy student

Biomedical Sciences (Physiology) BSc

Physiology is the study of how the body works, and this discovery  science has always been closely allied to medicine.

Male students carrying out experiment

On this course, you will gain a thorough grounding in physiology and its relevance to human health and disease. There is great emphasis on the experimental basis of the subject, and you will become familiar with scientific developments and their impact. In your final year, you can take modules that reflect our expertise in the areas of cell-physiology, neurophysiology and pathophysiology.

These topics can be combined with other modules on offer at the School of Biosciences, enabling you to build a degree programme that matches your interests.

How to apply

To study Genetics, please apply for Biological Sciences, Biochemistry or Biomedical Sciences (depending on where your interests lie).

To study Anatomy or Physiology, please apply for our Biomedical Sciences BSc.

You can graduate with your preferred degree title by selecting the relevant modules in years two and three.