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The Biobank is able to provide a range of different services for researchers, including provision of stored or fresh samples as well as processing and storage of samples.

What we offer

Stored samples

We have a number of collections of fixed and frozen samples stored within the facility. They cover a wide variety of different disease areas, with our Biobank currently expanding on these collections.

Fresh samples

We can provide a number of different sample types as fresh tissue. These can be sourced and distributed to researchers when they become available.

New prospective collections

Requests can be made to begin a new prospective collection if we do not currently collect the samples you require. This may be collecting samples for a specific project or starting up a generic collection that you believe could be useful in the future.

Processing and storage

We are able to undertake some basic processing of samples and then store them within the facility on a long-term basis. We can also spin and aliquot liquid samples and dissect tissue samples. Further processing can be provided through the Biobank in coordination with other Cardiff University facilities.

Consent and collection

We  have a dedicated phlebotomy suite and are able to consent and collect samples from donors within the facility.

Find out more

Read about our application process.

For information on any of these services, please get in touch with us:

Cardiff University Biobank