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A biobank is a facility where human biological samples such as blood, urine, tissue and saliva are stored. Researchers make requests to access these samples for medical and scientific research.

Donating samples

We are looking for healthy volunteers aged 16+ to donate to the Cardiff University Biobank. We collect samples of blood, urine and/or saliva, which are crucial in medical research. They allow researchers to make direct comparisons with samples from patients with diseases. This is why we need to build up a large collection of healthy volunteer samples for researchers to access.

We hold regular donation sessions at the Biobank.

Please email if you would like to be added to our database of healthy volunteers. We will then be able to let you know the dates and times of future clinic collections where you can donate samples to the Biobank at your convenience.

Sample storage

Our samples are stored in a brand new purpose-built facility at the University Hospital of Wales. Our facility is kept secure with restricted access to the building for only those that require it, with further restrictions on the sample storage areas.

Sample use

Our samples will be used for scientific or medical research that is for patient benefit. Our samples will be used by members of Cardiff University but will also be accessible to other researchers throughout Wales, the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. This could include commercial companies with an interest in research for patient benefit, such as drug companies.

Keeping samples safe

Once a sample arrives at the Biobank, it is given a unique identifier that only a limited number of approved Biobank staff can trace back to you. It is important that we keep this link, as if you later decide that you don’t want your samples to be stored or used anymore, we can remove and destroy them.

When samples get released to researchers, they will only be given the anonymous ID and some basic/clinical information about you (such as age, sex, diagnosis). No identifiable information will be given to the researcher.

Protecting your data

Any data will be held by the Biobank whilst still required for research, and then for 15 years after this point unless a different retention time is required by the funder or clinical trial.

Data will be stored to annotate samples stored in the Biobank. All data when given to research projects will be given in an anonymous form. No donor identifiable information will be given to researchers. Data could be provided to research projects from academic institutions like universities as well as commercial companies such as drug companies.

The controller of any data held about our donors is Cardiff University. Learn more about data protection at the University.

The Biobank's Data Protection contact is Chris Thomas.

Cardiff University Biobank