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The Biobank distributes both healthy and diseased samples to support academic and commercial research.

We offer high quality human biosamples for research undertaken for patient benefit to academic and commercial organisations. We have established collections from a number of different disease areas and welcome approaches to initiate new collections not already established within the facility. Our facility is sited at the University Hospital of Wales.

We support a wide range of research projects throughout Wales, the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Find out how you can play a part in the Biobank by donating or volunteering.

Donors are extremely important to the Biobank. Whether you are healthy or unwell, your samples are vital for research.

We welcome applications from commercial enterprises. We can set up bespoke collections to meet your needs.

Samples obtained from the Biobank have led to advances in scientific research and improving patients’ health.

Find out who is involved in the Biobank and how to get in touch with them.