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We provide a world-class research environment that facilitates innovative, cutting-edge research with benefits for society and the economy.

Research priorities

Our centre is uniquely positioned to target new opportunities emerging at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and human-machine systems. Our ambition is to develop fundamental and applied knowledge and to train future experts in challenging multidisciplinary areas such as human-centred computing, human-centred robotics, human-like AI, explainable AI, affective computing and trusted autonomy.

Our interest centres on exploring difficult research problems at the intersection of human behaviour and technology such as intuitive interaction, confusion, curiosity, imagination and creativity. Our focus is on developing new methods for studying human-machine interaction, accurate real-time perception, localisation of multiple humans and objects, and multisensory processing and control.

Abstract digital theme

Research themes

We have established research themes which encompass a broad spectrum of priorities. Each research theme comprises an interdisciplinary team of academics with expertise in these fields, forming groups to collaboratively address research challenges of strategic importance:

Human-like AI

  • Affective computing
  • Augmented cognition
  • Computational semantics
  • Contextual reasoning

Ethical and explainable AI

  • Ethical AI
  • Explainable AI
  • Explainable robotics
  • Trusted autonomy

Human-centred technologies and society

  • Human-centred computing
  • Human-centred cyber security
  • Emerging technology and society

Humans and robots

  • Human-centred robotics
  • Social robotics
  • Robot perception/learning