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Examples of student work

The workshop is managed by Dan Tilbury and assisted by Mark Blenkin. Together they have a breadth of skills in carpentry, furniture design and model making.

During opening hours, Dan and Mark are on hand to advise, guide and aid students in all aspects of safe architectural model making and installation construction.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

We provide a safe and creative environment where students with varying degrees of experience can work confidently to produce innovative and diverse high standard work. We have a strong making ethos and students are encouraged to explore working with many mediums and techniques.

Current students have produced models using processes from routing to steam bending and Dan and Mark are able to draw on their experiences to help realise even the most diverse ideas.


Located alongside the studios, the workshop is equipped mainly for woodworking, with some provision for metalwork. We keep a comprehensive range of bench mounted machines, a number of portable electric tools and a large range of hand tools. All these items of equipment may be used by students after induction by the workshop supervisors and a short period of training. Training will be logged in a workshop passbook which will stand as a record of skills attained beyond the curriculum.

Near to the workshop is a specially ventilated spray-booth with two hot wire cutters and a casting area, as well as the digital fabrication lab which we collaborate with on a variety of projects.

Workshop team

Dan Tilbury

Workshop Supervisor/Craftsman

Mark Blenkin

Mark Blenkin

Workshop Technician