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Student Association

Become a member of the Student Association at the Welsh School of Architecture (SAWSA).

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Our core values


Welfare is key to design education and we are here to support your health and wellbeing as design students. We understand the intensity of studio life and we run activities that promote a stress free environment at the WSA. This year we have monthly well being sessions, a great way to take a break from the demands of studio life.


SAWSA encourages creativity and learning in response to current global concerns. With lectures from designers and experts in the field, we remain aware of creative advancements. We enjoy engaging in many aspects of design through SAWSA run activities that include:

  • a diverse lecture series from Architects and other design-based careers;
  • creative classes, including life drawing and sculptural work to exercise and experiment with new techniques;
  • a vibrant film series for a more relaxed, yet valuable way of gaining a greater awareness of architectural culture and the world of design.


SAWSA events gather the entire WSA community for socials and our annual Winter and Summer celebrations. SAWSA aims to be present in both the global and local design community. SAWSA aims to be a means of familiarising students to both the academic and creative elements of the course, as well as a community of friends to work and spend time with. We provide opportunities to network with successors in the field as we believe that building professional relationships is necessary for a career in design.

How to become a member

Freshers and 2nd Year require a ‘Lifetime Guild’ from Cardiff’s Student’s Union at checkout, 3rd/5th & PhD students require a 1-Year Guild for their 1-Year membership.

New memberships are now available for 2nd, 3rd, 5th + Postgraduate Students, simply log-in and select your new membership.