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Cheers to the Students’ Union at 50

In the heart of Cardiff stands a beacon of time, the Cardiff University Students' Union. Its bricks and mortar are a testament to half a century of laughter, camaraderie, and shared experiences.

Turning pain into purpose: a vision of accessible eyecare for all

Lucky Aziken (MSc 2023) is delivering affordable and sustainable eyecare services in Nigeria and Malawi.

Ask the expert: Wills, inheritance tax, and estate planning

Alumna Laura Ikin (LLB 2006, PgDip 2007) shares her most frequently asked Wills, trusts, inheritance tax, and estate planning questions.

Welsh surgeon’s legacy lives on, empowering the next generation of Cardiff medical students

Dr John Thomas' passion for medicine and making education accessible inspired his family to establish the Dr John Thomas Bursary.

The Music alum inspiring the next generation of young artists 

Guy Verrall-Withers (BMus 2013) is introducing opera to new audiences and giving young artists a platform to succeed. 

A self-cleaning product that could mean safer periods for all

Dr Jennifer Edwards (BSc 2003, PhD 2007) and Dr Michael Pascoe (PhD 2020) are developing a self-cleaning period product that could ensure safer periods for some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Helping postgraduate students to prosper

Mushtaq Karimjee (BSc 1971) founded the Fanaka Scholarship which supports students from his home country of Tanzania to complete a postgraduate degree at Cardiff University.

Curbing the spread of tuberculosis

Dr Tamas Barry (MBBCh 2020, PhD Medicine 2022-) is helping to improve tuberculosis diagnosis and care for future generations.

Giving future archaeology students the best opportunities

Julia Wise (BA 1986) is helping to ensure the next generation of archaeologists can study at Cardiff, free from the pressure of financial worries.