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The National Academy of Sciences

America's National Academy of Sciences is a private society of distinguished scholars. Membership is widely accepted as a mark of excellence in science.

The Academy elects a maximum of 100 new members every year, and up to 25 foreign associates. Members are elected in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.


Professor Bernard Schutz

Professor Schutz was elected as a Member in 2019. In a 1986 paper, he showed how gravitational waves could be used to measure the expansion of the Universe. Nearly 30 years later, he was part of the team that directly observed gravitational waves for the first time.

Professor John Pickett

Professor Picket was elected as a Foreign Associate in 2014. He studies the chemical ecology of interactions between various organisms, including pests attacking plants and animals. His work has made a substantial contribution to improving pest management and agricultural sustainability.