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Speaking a language allows you to think beyond your horizons. It opens up a world of new destinations, inspiring cultures and exciting career options.

Take the first step along this global path and sign up for a Languages for All course, provided free to all students on degree programmes.

Languages for All gives you the chance to try out or improve in a language you love. The programme runs alongside your main studies and offers a flexible choice of study options. These include taught weekly and intensive courses, as well as independent study.

Speaking a foreign language is vital for anyone who wants to live, travel or work/do an internship abroad, as it will give them the advantage over other applicants.

Maria Nikolopoulou, MA Forensic Linguistics – LfA Italian Beginners

Languages for All provides a range of languages and levels, from absolute beginners (A1 CEFR level) to advanced (B2 CEFR level). At present, it offers weekly and intensive modules in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Get further practice in these languages or try a new one by utilising the independent option, which includes a variety of physical and online library resources and a ‘Language Hub’, a purpose-built space designed specifically for language students.

Languages for All also provides many opportunities to improve outside the classroom. These include a Language Exchange Scheme where you can find a partner to practise with, and a Language Café where you can talk to native speakers in a relaxed, social environment. They also work closely with Global Opportunities, so you can prepare both linguistically and culturally for your work, volunteer or study placement abroad.

You can also learn Welsh for free via our Welsh for All Programme.

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