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1. Pace yourself - one unit of alcohol takes an hour to go through your system
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2. Eating carbohydrates like pasta, bread or chips slow down the effects of alcohol

3. Black coffee never sobers you up – the only thing that will is time

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4. Watch out for ‘alcopops’ - they have a higher alcohol content than most beers or lagers
5. Remember - fizzy alcoholic drinks get you drunk more quickly than non-fizzy drinks
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6. Avoid eating dairy products if you’re going to have a drink – they just don’t mix!
  7. Don’t overdo it - after a few drinks you may feel happy but alcohol is actually depressant  
  to avoid a hangover, drink as much water as you did alcohol  
  - in Wales, 90% of boys and 88% of girls under the age of 15 have tasted alcohol
  - your brain shrinks for a while when you’ve been drinking alcohol
  - the NHS spends £160 million treating alcoholics each year
  - the size of your body makes difference to how quickly you get drunk  
  - drinking alcohol kills more young people every year than heroin or Ecstasy  
  - 15% of road deaths are alcohol-related
  - when you vomit, the orange bits aren’t carrots – they’re part of your stomach lining
  - each year, 1000 young people under the age of 15 go to hospital with alcohol poisoning
  - some bottles of strong cider contains more alcohol than a man should drink in a week  
  - alcohol affects women more quickly than men  
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