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International students

We know that integrating into an unfamiliar culture can be a daunting experience, so we provide specialised support for our School's international students to help make your experience at Cardiff University a comfortable and fulfilling one.

We have a support system for international students that offers services to help you thrive not only academically, but socially, emotionally and professionally. These services include everything to assist you from preparation to arrival and beyond, including medical advice, career and religious support.

Opportunities to socialise

I.SOCSI Students

We offer additional unique support for our international students with our i.SOCSI social group. This group was created with the intent to help you socialise with your fellow students while immersing yourself fully in the historical and cultural experiences that the city of Cardiff has to offer.

I.SOCSI hosts regular social events including international student dinners, classical concert, rugby world cup, outings to St Fagans National History Museum, international food festivals and so much more.

The group presents an opportunity to explore your interests while helping you to create memories and forge relationships with students from all over the world that can last beyond graduation.

Every International student is treated as an asset here.

Pavithra Raghu

Focus on international employability

"My studies here laid the foundation to my subsequent pursuit of an academic career in the social sciences. It also shaped my scholarly identity because it was where I first studied social sciences. The highlight from my time studying here was my research field trip to India, which was an unforgettable experience in my course of study."

Peidong Yang Lecturer, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Because we know that our student body comes from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds, we have a commitment to prepare you to work in any part of the world, whether you choose to return to your home country or gain international career experience by working elsewhere.

Our courses are designed with a strong international employability focus, and we offer students fantastic study abroad opportunities, placements and internships both nationally and internationally.

Additional career and employability support is provided by the School, as well as the University's Student Support Centre which provides advice and information, workshops, events, work experience placements and more. You can find out more by looking at our careers and employability page.

There are numerous rewarding and varied career opportunities for our students both within Britain and world-wide and we have a diverse alumni community who reflect the multiple pathways a degree from the School of Social Sciences can take you.

Meet our students

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