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Team Work, Expertise and Professional Interaction

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Ongoing Area of Research



This research area has involved the examination of interaction within organisations, institutions and the work place. I am particularly interested in the empirical examination of interaction within teams. Empirical studies of teams has shed light on the social organization of professional and lay identity, knowledge, claims making, people processing, institutional epistemology and the situated social organisation of policy, practice and ‘expertise’. These empirical concerns form part of the themes and issues explored in my monograph entitled Interaction in Multidisciplinary Teams (2003). A number of further papers have also explored team organisation within different settings that include navigation on board large ocean going vessels and CAQDAS coding practices within social science research teams.



Interaction in Multidisciplinary Teams



Interaction in Multidisciplinary Teams, Aldershot, Ashgate, 2003






Research Area Publications

Telling the CAQDAS Code: Membership Categorization and the Accomplishment of 'Coding Rules' in Research Team Talk.  Discourse Studies. 13 (5), Housley, W. and Smith R.J.  2011

Navigation, Interaction and Bridge Team Work, Sociological Review, Vol.54(2), Bailey, N. Belcher, P. and Housley, W.  2006

Interaction in the Community Pharmacy Setting. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice  Vol. 9, John, N. and Housley, W.  2001 

Conversation Analysis, Reflexive Practice and Practitioner Based Research, Ethnographic Studies, Nos.5. Housley, W. and Fitzgerald, R. 2000 

Story, Narrative and Teamwork, The Sociological Review, Vol.48(3), Housley, W. 2000

Category Work and Knowledgeability within Multidisciplinary Team Meetings, TEXT, Vol.20(1), Housley, W. 2000

Role as an Interactional Device and Resource in Multidisciplinary Team Meetings, Sociological Research Online, Vol.4(3), Housley, W. 1999


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