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Ethnography, Theory, Culture and Interpretive Analysis

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Ongoing Area of Research



My theoretical work in the area of interaction theory and analysis is most significantly expressed in the BSA Millenial Series Monograph Interactionism: An Essay in Sociological Amnesia (Sage, 2003) with Professor Paul Atkinson. I have also co-authored a recent monograph, with Professor Paul Atkinson and Dr Sara Delamont, entitled Contours of Culture: Complex Ethnography and the Ethnography of Complexity (Alta Mira Press, 2008) that deals with innovation in ethnographic methods in the context of contemporary theoretical trends. I have also recently published a range of related articles in international journals that include Qualitative Research, Discourse and Society, Discourse Studies, Sociological Research Online and Subjectivity. This work is also supplemented by an ongoing interest in ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, discursive psychology, membership categorisation practices and Goffmanian approaches to the understanding of interaction order. This work is also informing a number of scoping projects; this includes a pilot study on interactionist and interpretive approaches to policy analysis and security with colleagues based in the Cardiff Centre for Crime, Law and Justice(CCLJ).



Interactionism and Contours of Culture



Interactionism, (with Atkinson), London, Sage, 2003

Contours of Culture: Complex Ethnography and the Ethnography of Complexity (with Atkinson and Delamont) Alta Mira Press, 2008




Research Area Publications

Mundane Reason, Membership Categorization Practices and the Everyday Ontology of Space and Place in Interview Talk. Qualitative Research (forthcoming) Housley, W. and Smith R.J (2011)

Stripping Out the Social: Innovation and Reduction in Contemporary Qualitative Methods. Qualitative Researcher, Issue 13, Spring, Housley W. and Smith, R.J. (2011)

Innovation and Reduction in Contemporary Qualitative Methods: The Case of Conceptual Coupling, Activity-Type Pairs and Auto-Ethnography. Sociological Research Online, 15 (4) 9. Housley, W. and Smith, R.J. (2010)

Omni-Relevance, Interaction and Context, Australian Journal of Communication, Vol. 36(3:1-14), Fitzgerald, R.  Housley, W.  and Butler, C.(2009)

Interaction, Discourse and the Subject, Subjectivity, Issue 26, Housley, W. (2009)

Membership Categorization, Culture and Norms-in-Action, Discourse and Society, Vol. 20 (3), Housley, W. and Fitzgerald, R. (2009)

Beyond the discursive: the case of social organisation. A reply to Edwards, Hepburn and Potter, Qualitative Research, Vol. 9 (1), Housley, W. and Fitzgerald, R. 2009

Motives and Social Organisation: Sociological Amnesia, Psychological Description and the Analysis of Accounts, Qualitative Research Vol.8(2), Housley, W. and Fitzgerald, R. 2008

Interactionism, Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, Elsevier, Housley, W. 2006

Identity, Categorisation and Sequential Organization, Discourse and Society, Volume 13(5), Fitzgerald, R. and Housley, W. 2002

The Reconsidered Model of Membership Categorisation Analysis,Qualitative Research, Vol.2(1), Housley, W. and Fitzgerald, R. 2002 


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