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Mapping and analysis of current neglect protocols, tools and service responses in Wales.


This scoping exercise will be undertaken as part of a joint Action for Children and NSPCC Neglect Project Wales which will inform the development a Welsh National Plan for Wales and the Social Services and Well-being Bill (See proposal for Neglect Project Wales in Appendix 1)

The Welsh National Plan for Neglect will strengthen our national response to ensure neglected children and their families get the help they need.  This must include more timely identification of neglect, training for multi-disciplinary front line professionals, adoption of evidence based tools, and clear routes to effective service responses for parents / carers and children where there are concerns about neglect.

Research Team

Dr Sally Holland, Reader in Social Work. Role: Principal applicant and team lead.

Dr Anne Crowley: Independent consultant.

Dr Lesley Noaks:  Sessional researcher.

Aims of Project

To undertake scoping and analysis of current work in Wales to tackle child neglect. There will be two main areas of investigation:

1. Map and analyse  protocols/ tools in use in Wales to identify and assess  cases of child neglect.

2. Map and analyse support and service responses available to children experiencing neglect and their families, with a particular focus on interventions and promoting improved circumstances for children.


NSPCC and Action for Children.

Additional Information

Timescale: March – July 2013.

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