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Cultural display, heritage, museums, visitability

This research area stems from my doctoral work[1]., which examined the transformation of a Welsh coalmine into a heritage museum, and the social and cultural trauma that accompanied this. This study was subsequently written up in the book Heritage, Place and Community (University of Wales Press, 2000). It is an area that closely connects to my research interests in urban regeneration. My interest in heritage has since broadened out into a wider concern with the terms under which culture is displayed for the public, resulting in the book Cultural Display: the production of contemporary visitability (Open University Press 2004).

More recently, this interest in display has focused in on the communication of science in interactive discovery centres, and I have become interested in interactivity as a contemporary form of cultural communication.

Funded Research Projects

Coffey, A., Dicks, B., Renold, E. and Williams, M. ‘Ethnography for the Digital Age’, ESRC H333250056. Start date 1.10.02. End date: 31.01.05. £175,000

This project examined the communication of science in a science discovery centre, as the substantive case-study for a methodological project on digital qualitative research.

Selected Publications

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[1] Dicks, B. (1997) The view of our town from the hill: an enquiry into the representation of community at the Rhondda Heritage Park, unpublished PhD thesis, University of Wales.