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Ethnography, Culture and Interpretive Analysis

This research group provides a hub for staff and graduate students of the School whose research interests - empirical, methodological and theoretical - are correspondent with ethnographic and/or qualitative methods, and interpretive analysis. The activities of the group focus on issues around ethnography — as practice and product — and cultural analysis concerned with the interpretive understanding of meaning, symbols and language. The research group members come from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds including sociology, anthropology, psychology, education, social work, social policy and cultural studies. There is a strong tradition of ethnographic and interpretive work within the Cardiff School of Social Sciences, and this group provides a forum for sustaining and developing this work.

The main aims of the Ethnography, Culture and Interpretive Analysis research group are:

  • to sustain and develop high quality ethnographic, qualitative and interpretive research, writing and other scholarly activity at Cardiff ;
  • to foster the intellectual interests of research group members, and provide support for research and scholarly activity in ethnographic, cultural and interpretive fields;
  • to engage collectively and collaboratively with ongoing and critical debates within ethnographic, cultural and interpretive research;
  • to build on existing national and international research links and collaborations within ethnographic, cultural and interpretive research
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Methods and Innovation

Mobile Methods


Participatory Methods

Urban Ethnography

Narrative and Discourse

Visual Methods

Ethnography of Embodiment


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The Ethnography, Culture and Interpretive Analysis research group engages in a range of activities. These include:

  • Data sharing and analysis workshops
  • Occasional guest speakers (often in collaboration with other research groups)
  • Half-day workshops/seminars on key debates, topics and issues
  • Research presentations and development of proposals, via round table meetings and discussion groups
  • The international peer reviewed journal Qualitative Research is edited by senior members of the group
  • Members of the group are also connected with the Knowing Localities in Context projects based in WISERD

Research Group Meetings 2010/11

Doctoral Research Fields and Areas of Supervision Include

Laboratory Ethnography

Gender and Identity

Subcultures and Deviance

Art and Culture

Contemporary Wales and Political Ethnography

Spaces, Places and Material Culture

Medical Work

Educational Ethnography

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Dr Sara  Delamont

Dr William  Housley


Research Group Members

Prof Amanda Coffey

Dr Bella Dicks

Prof Emma Renold

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Dr Gabrielle Ivinson

Prof Joanna Latimer

Dr Robert Evans

Dr Sally Holland

Dr Sara Delamont

Dr Tom Hall

Dr William Housley

Prof Andrew Pithouse

Prof Paul Atkinson

Dr Steven Stanley

Prof Jonathan Scourfield

Dr Ian Welsh

Dr Matthew Williams

Dr Robin Smith





SOCSI Working Papers


Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research provides a forum for the discussion of research methods, in particular qualitative research, across the social sciences and cultural studies.

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Recent Publications and Research Projects