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Culture, Imagination & Practice Research Group (CIP)

Culture, Imagination & Practice Research Group (CIP)

Culture, Imagination & Practice (CIP) connects the activities of several initiatives in the School of Social Sciences to a new transdisciplinary research group, that brings together the study of disciplines, institutions and everyday lives. Engaging with social science, social philosophy, cultural studies, science and technology studies, psychosocial research and feminist theory, CIP addresses the political and cultural resonance of new social formations and social movements. The group investigates cultural, social and material practices as ‘world-making’ processes in the shaping of relations, and their consequences for ecology, geopolitics and social justice. We want to open up ways of understanding the shifting divisions between the social, the political, the natural and the technological.

Subjectivity and Psychosocial ResearchThe Medicine, Science and Culture Research Interest Group (MeSC)
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28/05/2014 Reproductive Technologies: A Sociological Exploration

18/06/2014 Something on the Brain


Past Events

11/12/2013 Research at the Intersection of Science and Medicine

12/06/2013 Paths to Utopia: A Roundtable Session

12/06/2013 Dealing with Disability: Ethnographic Observations in Clinical Settings

24/04/2013 Food and the Future: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

20/02/2013 Helminths and Human Centipedes: The Theory and Practice of Disgust

29/05/2012 Symposium on the Unconscious: University Graduate College Sponsored Event, Inter-disciplinary Psychosocial Seminar Series

23/05/2012 Medicine, Science and Culture (MeSC) Research Interest Group: Prostitution and Pimping in the Public Engagement of Science: A view from the arts and social science

28/03/2012 Medicine, Science and Culture (MeSC) Research Interest Group: Research in the NHS: Procedural ethics and ethics in practice

18/02/2012 House of Beasts Symposium: Enquiries into the Human and the Animal 
                  House of Beasts Symposium Video Channel

25/01/2012 Medicine, Science and Culture’ Research Interest Group: Thinking through the social study of science and technology: science and knowledge as culture - Tiago Ribeiro Duarte and (SOCSI) Dr Mara Miele (CPLAN)

CIP Events Archive