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CIP >> Subjectivity and Psychosocial Research Group

Chair: V Walkerdine

Subjectivity has been an important concept for academic research and for intervening in social and political life since the 1960s. This group addresses the interdisciplinary study of subjectivity across a broad range of topics and is active in developing ways of understanding, theorising and researching subjectivity. Alongside this, the development of psychosocial research, spanning as it does methods which owe much to psychoanalysis, discourse, phenomenology to the study of affect, brings exciting ways of thinking about research on subjectivity.

The Subjectivity and Psychosocial Research Group

  • is the editorial base of the journal Subjectivity (weblink) 
  • is part of the Psychosocial Studies Network (weblink) 
  • has an active postgraduate group, which meets monthly
  • has a reading group, focussing currently on phenomenology
  • organises regularly seminars and conferences (for current events see the main page)

Research in this group has been funded by Alexander von Humbold Foundation; Australian Research Council; Economic and Social Research Council; German Research Foundation; Schools Curriculum and Assessment Authority; Welsh Office of Research and Development.

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