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Data Protection & Destruction of Data

In the absence of specific stipulations from funding bodies, research data from non-clinical projects (including virtually everything that takes place within the School) should be kept for a minimum of 5 years, or at least 2 years post-publication.  The University guidance indicates that these arrangements should apply to all staff and all levels of postgraduate student, but not apply to undergraduate projects (where data should be retained until the end of the appeals process, or if it is to be published).

For further information on data protection and records retention requirements, please see the Governance and Compliance Division.

The University Information Rights Manager can also provide further advice and clarification:

Mrs  Ruth    Robertson

Phone:  029 2087 5767

Some research centres maintain data archives that allow controlled access to archived primary data for secondary analysis purposes. There is also a large UK Data Archive sponsored by a range of funders, including the ESRC. Ethical issues associated with storing data for future re-use are discussed on this web-page on the UK Data Archive site.

Data Protection Act Guidelines

Please follow the links below to access guidelines about the Data Protection Act: 

Advice Note 1: What Researchers Need to Know About the Data Protection Act 

Advice Note 2: The Need for Consent For Use of Personal Data in Research

Advice Note 3: The Obtaining of Valid Consent for Use of Personal Data in Research

Advice Note 4: Information to be Provided to the Research Subjects (Fair Processing Notices)