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ESRC Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance (SKOPE) Skope Logo

The ESRC Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance (SKOPE) is based jointly at the universities of Cardiff and Oxford. The aim of the Centre is to examine the links between the acquisition and use of skills and knowledge, product market strategies and performance.

SKOPE is located at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University and the Department of Education, Oxford University, and has an extensive network of associate research fellows across the UK and overseas.


News and Activities

Joint WISERD/SKOPE working paper on Welsh graduate mobility published

Research Brief: Making the most of teachers' knowledge and skills: Vocational teachers in the UK, Norway and France

SKOPE’s research programme: October 2008 - September 2013

03/07/12 Seminar: Transitions Within Learning and Within the Labour Market


Latest Publications

The publications listed below can be downloaded from our Publications pages.

Research Paper 115: Are University Admissions Academically Fair?

Research Paper 114: Human Capital and Competition: Strategic Complementarities in Firm-based Training

Issues Paper 31: Ten Big Questions for Higher Education

Issues Paper 30: Higher Fees, Higher Expectations?

Research Paper 112: Developing Vocational Excellence: Learning Environments within Work Environments