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Working Papers 111 - 120

Papers 111 to 113 were delivered at a SOCSI Social Theory Forum Seminar held in the Glamorgan Building on the 18th June 2008

Paper 111: Everyone, the Human Actor: Recognisng the Non-Indexical Individual

Nigel Rapport

Paper 112: Unsettling Bodies: Frida Khalo's portraits and in/dividuality

Joanna Latimer

Paper 113: This Paper’s Not for Turning: Derrida, institutions and the ethics of reversibility

Rolland Munroe

Paper 114: Political interpretative flexibility and the economics of inflation and unemployment

Neil Stephens

Paper: 115 Final Report on the sustainability and legacy of Healthy Living Centres in Wales

Eva Elliott, Fiona Shirani, Gareth Williams

Paper: 116 - Involving the Public in HIA: An evaluation of current practice in Wales

Chloe Chadderton, Eva Elliott, Gareth Williams

Paper 117: Introducing the Citizens’ POLIS: A New Approach to Online Citizen Participation in Political Decision-Making

Simon Williams

Paper 118:Graduating and gradations within the middle class: the legacy of an elite higher education

Sally Power and Geoff Whitty

Paper 119: Personhood and Time: technologies of assessment, ambiguous identities and giving people a future

Joanna Latimer

Paper 120:  Counterfeit Sceintific Controversies in Science Policy Contexts

Martin Weinel