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Paper 122: Postgradaute Cafe Papers 2008-9

Grant A, Mannay D, Alberti, G, Needs, J and Dimond, R

General Abstract

These articles represent a selection of papers that have been developed and written up from talks given at the postgraduate café conference held at the Cardiff School of Social Sciences in 2008. The papers cover the following topics. The first paper by Aimee Grant examines elite perspectives on policy failure, focussing on the case of free home care for disabled people within post-devolution Wales. In the second paper, Dawn Mannay explores a visual participatory methodology, designed to explore the everyday lives of working class mothers and daughters who reside on a peripheral housing estate. The third paper by Gabriella Alberti reports on an ethnographic study of the EU policy process in relation to migration and labour issues; the paper notes that this policy process points to the emergence of a regime of ‘conditioned mobility’ in relation to labour and migration. Fourthly, Jackie Needs examines the social and medical recognition of Huntington’s disease, an incurable genetic disorder, from it’s earliest known references, and identifies it’s shift from the ‘genetic’ to the ‘neurological’. Finally, drawing on interview data, Rebecca Dimond explores the construction and classification involved in the delineation of ‘syndromes’ in genetic medicine to identify how genetic knowledge is produced and communicated.

Paper 122, Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Series Working Paper Series, March (2009), ISBN 978-1-904815-85-3

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