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2009 Publications


Publications are listed alphabetically by first author


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- A -

Ashton, D., Brown, P. and Lauder, H. (2009) Developing a Theory of Skill for Global HR, in P.Sparrow (Ed.) Handbook of International Human Resource Management, Chichester: John Wiley. pp.321-339.

Adam, B. (2009) Vortrag, Zeit ist Geld: Geschwindigkeit aus zeitökonomischer und zeitökologischer Sicht. Tutzing EA Ökologie der Zeit Tagung zu ‘Jenseits der Beschleunigung. Zeitpolitische Perspektiven postfossiler Mobilität’. (T Zeit Geld Geschwindigkeit 2009)

Adam, B. (2009)  Vortrag, Zeitvielfalt in der Evolution aus gesellschaftstheoretischer Sicht. Vortragsreihe Berlin-Brandenburgischen  Wissenschaftsakademie zum Jahresthema ‘Evolution’. (T Zeitvielfalt Evolution 2010)

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- B -

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Broadhurst, K., Davey, D., Hall, C., Peckover, S., Pithouse. A., White, S. and Wastell, D. (2009)  ‘Performing initial assessment: identifying the latent conditions for error at the front door of local authority children’s services’  British Journal of Social Work Advance Access, 10.1093/bjsw/bcn053.

Buchanan, J., Jones, L., Anderson, M., Pithouse, A. and Maguire, M.  (2009) An Integrated Approach to Support Families with a Parent in Prison  Wrexham: Social Inclusion Unit, Glyndwr University

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- C -

Chaney, P. (2009) Cyfle Cyfartal a Hawliau Dynol: Degawd Cyntaf Datganoli yng Nghymru, Caerdydd, Comisiwn Cydraddoldeb a Hawliau Dynol, ISBN 978-1-84206-164-0 

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Collins, H. (2009) `Walking the Talk: Doing Gravity’s Shadow’ pps 289-304 in Ethnographies Revisited: Conceptual reflections from the field, Eds Antony Puddephatt;  William Shaffir; Steven W. Kleinknecht, London: Routledge

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Court, H., Margrain, T., Greenland, K.  (2009). Evaluating the association between anxiety and satisfaction. Optometry and vision science, 86 (3): 216- 221.

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- D -

David, M. with Jephcote, M. et al (2009) ‘Effective Teaching and Learning in UK Higher Education: a commentary by the Teaching and Learning Research Programme’, TLRP, University of London Institute of Education.

Davies, S. (2009) Vulture Funds : Issues for Trade Unionists. A report for UNI Global Union, October 2009, 18pp. Geneva: UNI Global Union. Davies, S. (2009) Making the Connections: contract cleaning and infection control. A report for UNISON, April 2009, 46pp. London: UNISON.

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- E -

Ellis, N. (2009) ‘Life at Sea: Room for Improvement? ', Nautilus International Telegraph, London: August 2009, pg24-25. Ellis, N. (2008) 'Why should seafarers care about what researchers do?', The Sea, London: Mission to Seafarers, Issue 193 May/Jun 2008, pp4-5.

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- F -

Felstead, A., Fuller, A, Jewson, N and Unwin, L (2009) Improving Working as Learning, London: Routledge. Paperback and Hardback, pp.231. Research Brief. 

Felstead, A., Bishop, D, Fuller, A, Jewson, N, Kakavelakis, K and Unwin, L (2009) ‘Mind the gap: personal and collective identities at work’, Studies in the Education of Adults, 40(1), forthcoming. 

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- G - 

Greenland, K., Scourfield, J., Prior, L., Smalley, N. (2009) Theoretical antecedents of distress disclosure in a community sample of young people. Journal of Applied Social Psychology. 39 (9): 2045-2068.

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- H -

Hall, T. (2009) Footwork: moving and knowing in local space(s). Qualitative Research. 9 (5). (in press)

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 - J -

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 - L -

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- M -

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 - N -

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 - P -

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 - R -

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 - S -

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- T -

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- U -

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- W -

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