Research Projects

Qualiti supports a number of empirical reserach projects. In addition there are opportunities for other research projects to become affliated projects of the Node.

Demonstrator projects

The aims of the demonstrator projects are fourfold;

  • To draw out the distinctively methodological implications of existing qualitative research activities and projects.
  • To provide working demonstrations of methodological innovation.
  • To inform and support training and research capacity building activities.
  • To seek ways of actively engaging research users, participants and stakeholders in methodological advancement.

Qualiti currently has four demonstrator projects:

Lay and expert participation in qualitative inquiry
A qualitative sociological autopsy study of gendered suicide
(Extra)Ordinary lives: Children’s everyday relationship cultures in public care
Representing multi-modal qualitative data

Affiliated projects

The ESRC National Centre for Research Methods welcomes affiliated projects. These are social science research projects with a strong methodological orientation, funded separately from NCRM but where affiliation to NCRM could bring mutual benefit. The affiliated project network enhances the NCRM’s methodological coverage, and provides opportunities for a range of collaborations.

Projects affiliated to Qualiti share a focus on qualitative inquiry and methodologies, and are invited to contribute to / participate in events and activities. The benefits of affiliate membership include;

  • Opportunities to join an interdisciplinary network of social science researchers working within broadly similar methodological areas.
  • Opportunities to explore and develop the methodological component in otherwise substantive projects, with pay offs for both current and future research.
  • Opportunities for cooperation in developing training materials, running workshops, developing methodological resources or setting up visiting fellowships.
  • Opportunities for dissemination of methods-related outputs arising from substantive project, including via the Qualiti and NCRM programme of training and websites.

Further details of affiliated projects can be found here