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Qualitative Researcher provides an interdisciplinary forum for social scientists to share their research and discuss questions arising from the application, innovation and dissemination of qualitative research. Qualitative Researcher invites contributions in the form of opinion pieces and polemics that stimulate debate; brief articles presenting current empirical research projects; and reports of instances of methodological innovation. Submissions should be between 1500 and 2000 words and as a reflection of Qualitative Researcher's pragmatic and inclusive orientation endnotes and references should be kept to a minimum.

Qualitative Researcher is edited and published by Qualiti, a node of the UK ESRC National Centre for Research Methods.

To view the Qualitative Researcher for free click on the Issue title. Hard copies are also available to those without internet access and can be ordered from the Cardiff office. To view this from our website you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe website:


Issue 10 June 2009 Contents:

Page 1 Looking back and moving forward
Page 2 Using unconventional media to disseminate qualitative research
Page 6 Hearing the city: reflections on soundwalking
Page 10 Qualitative research, deliberative inquiry and policy making
Page 12 News and Forthcoming Events

Issue 9 September 2008 Contents:

Page 1 Time, space, performance and polemic
Page 2 Use of visual methods to explore paternal identities in historical time & social change: reflections from the ‘men as fathers’ project
Page 5 Walking into coincident places
Page 8 ‘Doing’ embodied research: participatory theatre as a sociological research tool
Page 10 Qualitative research and its capacities
Page 12 News and Forthcoming Events

Issue 8 June 2008 Contents:

Page 1 Getting the message across
Page 2 Giving the media what they want
Page 3 Research 2.0
Page 5 User-engagement with community groups: the nature of engagement
Page 8 How dramatic techniques can aid the presentation of qualitative research
Page 10 Writing across boundaries: Explorations in research, writing and rhetoric in qualitative research
Page 12 News and forthcoming events

Issue 7 February 2008 Contents:

Page 1 Researching ordinary lives
Page 2 Methods? Researching family background in everyday lives
Page 4 Negotiating Me, Myself and I: Creating a participatory research environment for exploring the everyday lives of children and young people 'in care'
Page 7 Reflectioins on the use of participatory mapping to explore social cohesion - a potential tool for Qualitative-GIS
Page 9 Mass Observation and understanding the ordinary
Page 12 News and forthcoming events

Issue 6 September 2007 Contents:

Page 1 Qualitative Research and Social Policy
Page 2 Qualiti (NCRM) Commissioned Inquiry into the risk to well-being of researchers in qualitative research
Page 4 Ethical issues in Social Inquiry: the enemy within?
Page 7 Community participation in a controversial planning application: a challenge for research practice
Page 9 Participation, Deliberation and Qualitative Research Methods
Page 12 News and forthcoming events

Issue 5 June 2007 Contents:

Page 1 The modes and conditions of qualitative data
Page 2 Documentary data: single medium, multiple modes?
Page 4 Stories and sketches of friendship
Page 6 Theatres of talk: The interviewer as stagehand
Page 8 Capturing an understanding of public space use: the role of diaries
Page 11 CAQDAS 2007: 'Let a hundred flowers bloom!'
Page 12 News and forthcoming events

Issue 4 February 2007 Contents:

Page 1 The place of the personal in qualitative research
Page 2 Arguments against auto-ethnography
Page 4 Auto-ethnography and untold stories
Page 6 Embodied ethnographic practice
Page 9 The secret life of a research project
Page 12 News and forthcoming events

Issue 3 October 2006 Contents:

Page 1 A European dimension to qualitative research
Page 2 Stories as sorties
Page 4 Making order out of a contested disorder: the utilisation of online support groups in social science research
Page 7 Developing interactive vignettes in a study of young people's injury-risking behaviour
Page 9 Transparency in the derivation and construction of fictionalised narratives
Page 12 News and forthcoming events

Issue 2 Spring 2006 Contents:

Page 1 Ethics, risk and well-being
Page 2 Analytic integration and multiple qualitative data sets
Page 3 Are ethics committees ethical?
Page 8 A new virtual training environment to support researchers using online methods
Page 10 Call for submissions to Commisioned Inquiry
Page 11 ESRC Research Methods Festival
Page 11 NatCen: making the evidence count
Page 12 News and forthcoming events

Issue 1 December 2005 Contents:

Page 1 Exciting Times in Qualitative Research (Amanda Coffey & Qualitative Researcher)
Page 2 Close encounters of a political kind: the threat from the evidence-based policymaking and practice movement (Martyn Hammersley)
Page 4 Verbatim quotations: whose views count (Anne Corden and Roy Sainsbury)
Page 6 Qualitative archiving and data sharing: extending the reach and impact of qualitative data (Louise Corti)
Page 9 Developing a video diary research tool (Andrew Noyes)
Page 11 Founding of the International Association of Qualitative Inqury (Harry Torrance)
Page 12 Qualiti News

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