Advancing the use of visual methods in research on children’s cultures

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Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University
16 April 2008, 10am - 4.30pm
Cost: £30 per delegate (to include course materials, refreshments and buffet lunch)

This one-day seminar event will focus on advancing our use of visual methods in research projects that focus on children’s cultural worlds. A number of researchers have begun to use visual methods in research of this nature, but questions surrounding issues of anonymity, representation, age and participation still remain. This event will aim to explore these issues in an in-depth manner through a range of presentations that directly draw on research projects that have used visual methods. The event will not be a hands-on practical session; neither will it be an introduction to the use of visual methods. Attendees will be asked to draw upon their own experiences of using visual methods in recent research practice, to share their knowledge of these methods, to raise issues and concerns and to contribute to debate in this field.

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Qualitative Research Workshops

Winter 2007 - Spring 2008

  • A repeat of the Spring / Summer 2007 series of workshops:
    • Qualitative research and ethical approval
      5 December 2007: Edinburgh University, Edinburgh - .This one-day workshop will consider the practical implications of obtaining ethical approval for undertaking qualitative research in the social sciences. For further details on the this workshop including programme, venue and booking information >>>>>>>
    • Using new technologies in qualitative research
      30 April 2008, Cardiff University
      This event is now fully booked - waiting list available
      This workshop will provide hands-on practical experiences in using different technologies and equipment for the collection of qualitative data.
    • Multi-modal qualitative research
      1-2 May 2008, Cardiff University
      This event is now fully booked - waiting list available
      This is a two-day workshop that will encompass the collection and analysis of multiple modes of qualitative research data.

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Interdisciplinary Seminar Series 2007

The seminars provide a forum for debate and discussion about the present use of, and future directions for qualitative research within the social sciences. The series addresses the ways in which qualitative research is conducted across the social sciences, and how qualitative data are used to inform scholars, practitioners and policy makers. In particular the series considers issues of qualitative research capacity building in the contexts of interdisciplinarity and methodological innovation.


  • Developing ‘mobile’ methods - Tuesday 12th June 2007 11am – 4.30pm, Cardiff University
  • Qualitative Research and Arts Practice: The potential for research capacity building - Tuesday 18 September 2007 11am-4pm, Cardiff University

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