About Qualiti

Qualiti focuses on the innovation, integration and impact of qualitative research methods within the social sciences. The research and capacity building programme builds upon existing methodological and research capacity building strengths within the Cardiff School of Social Sciences.

Mission statement: We begin from a position that methodology is a distinctive form of social practice and knowledge production, and that research methods must be considered with/in the social contexts in which they are practised. Hence what social researchers do, and what they can be developed to do, reflect the social relations in which both research and researchers are located. Methodological advancement cannot be accomplished in a theoretical, ethical or disciplinary vacuum. Any step change in UK social science must be situated within the broader social relations of knowledge production.

Our methodological focus is necessarily selective, though we hope to capture key areas of qualitative research methodologies in which national and international development will have major rewards for UK social science. We are guided by a desire to identify key needs in the national and international research community, and to create opportunities for methodological enhancement, development and fruitful capacity building.

Our primary research questions are as follows;

  • How are theory and method(ology) accomodated and employed in inter-disciplinary syntheses?
  • How can different modes of data be synthesised within substantive research settings and projects?
  • What are the applications of qualitative inquiry for evidence-based research, policy and the development of professional practice?
  • How do the ethical contexts of qualitative inquiry impact upon methodological integration, innovation and communication?

Our aims are to;

  • Advance and synthesize methodological understanding, innovation and practice in qualitative research, within and across different research sites and disciplinary contexts.
  • Promote the integration of qualitative methodological approaches, data types and analytical strategies, including capitalising on new opportunities for the recording, display and dissemination of qualitative data.
  • Contribute to the strategic development, consolidation and impact of methodological training and research capacity building at regional and national levels.
  • Enhance the role, impact and understanding of qualitative inquiry in the public domain, encouraging critical engagement with key stakeholders, from within and outside the social science community.
  • Critically evaluate existing protocols and frameworks for the ethical conduct, communication and application of qualitative inquiry, and to contribute to the development of mechanisms for workable ethical engagement, practice and participation.

Our work programme includes;

  • Research projects that are developing the capacity for methodological innovation, integration and impact in the context of substantive research settings. Our demonstrator projects are seeking ways of actively engaging research users, participants and stakeholders in methodological advancement, developing and implementing innovative research practice, and are informing our training and capacity building agenda.
  • Networking activities to facilitate methodological innovation, collaboration and organisational learning, across disciplines and among stakeholders.
  • Research capacity building activities to share methodological knowledge and promote good practice.