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Social Work Research and Practice guest lectures

Starts: 9 October 2013
Ends:  21 November 2013


Date, Time & Venue Title & Speaker

Wednesday 9th October 

1.10pm - 2.00pm

Glamorgan Building -1.64

‘Just don't come in with the solutions until you've analysed the problem!’: ‘Child sexual exploitation’, problems and solutions from the perspectives of young people

Speaker: Sophie Hallett, Research Associate, Cardiff School of Social Sciences

Thursday 24th October 

4.00pm - 5.00pm

Glamorgan Building -1.64

The double taboo: Sex work and drug use in a subculture which is kept in the dark

Speaker: Professor Johanna Hefel, University of Applied Sciences, Vorarlberg, Austria

Wednesday 13th November 

1.10pm - 2.00pm

Glamorgan Building -1.64

The role of social workers in suicide prevention

Speaker: Tom Slater, Senior Researcher at NSPCC

Thursday 21st November

2.00pm - 3.00pm

Glamorgan Building -1.64

Moral panics: A workshop**

Speaker: Professor Vivienne Cree, University of Edinburgh

All guest presentations are open to students (MA, MSc, DSW, PhD), academic staff and local social workers (**please note that places may be limited at the Vivienne Cree workshop). 

Other than Cardiff MASW students, people wishing to attend should book a place via Susan Hayes:

The Glamorgan Building is on King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3WT 


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